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Are Rocket Launchers ruining Fortnite?

Published: 27/Jan/2019 22:17 Updated: 27/Jan/2019 22:18

by Matt Porter


Fans of Fortnite have taken aim at the game’s classic Rocket Launcher, claiming that the explosive weapon is ruining the battle royale title.

The Rocket Launcher has been a mainstay of Fortnite since its release back in September 2018, giving players a way to deal quick explosive damage to opponents or destroy an enemy structure.


But after the 7.20 Content Update for the game on January 22, fans of the game have complained that Rocket Launchers are spawning too frequently, and they’re constant use – especially in the early moments of a match – is destroying Fortnite.

With the introduction of the Frostnitemares event, which saw Ice Legion zombies appear on the map to wreak havoc, it appears Epic Games adjusted the spawn rate to allow more Rocket Launchers to spawn in an effort to help players take down hordes of the undead.


The influx of Rocket Launchers has frustrated players, and it seems now that almost everyone on the map ends up with one, meaning explosives are constantly raining down on players, dealing at least 110 damage points even when the player isn’t directly hit by the missile.


Fortnite fans feel that the item is too powerful and spawning too often.

Fortnite fans have called on Epic Games to lower the spawn rate of these weapons back to where they were before the Frostnitemares event began, while others have suggested that Rocket Launchers shouldn’t be found in chests or floor loot at all, but should only be available from Supply Drops.

Whether Epic Games implements any of these changes remains to be seen, but a large number of Fortnite fans will be hoping that Rocket Launchers are addressed in the next Fortnite patch, likely to be released on Tuesday, January 29.