Data Miners Leak In-Game Footage of v5.30 Fortnite Outfit Skins, Including Road Trip, Ravage, and More

Albert Petrosyan

Data miners have leaked the in-game footage of all of the new outfit skins found in the v5.30 Fortnite game files.

The names, appearances, and rarities of these skins were initially released after the v5.30 Update launched on August 23, and now we can see how they look in-game.

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As always, data miners will go through new game files after a major game update and look for and leak any new cosmetic items that will be released sometime in the future.

This new set of leaks comes courtesy of ‘@siloxleaks,’ a Fortnite news, updates, and leaks outlet based on social media.

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Their latest discoveries have yielded the in-game footage of The Ace, Dream Flower, Far Out Man, Ravage, Cloaked Star, Enforcer, Chopper, Backbone, Scorpion, and Armadillo skins. 

The Ace (Epic) – Stack the deck

Enforcer (Legendary) – Balance and order must be achieved

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Cloaked Star (Epic) – Cloaked in mystery

Ravage (Legendary) – Circling overhead, shrouded by night…

Far Out Man (Epic) – Out of sight

Dream Flower (Epic) – Can you dig it?

Scorpion (Uncommon) – Beware the stinger

Chopper (Rare) – No one crosses Chopper and rides away

Backbone (Rare) – King of the highway

Armadillo (Uncommon) – Thick skinned and battle hardened