Here’s how Fortnite could close the gap between console and PC players

David Purcell

Epic Games could make cross-play in Fortnite a whole lot fairer with one simple change to the game’s control settings.

The developer’s decision to make Fortnite a cross-platform and free-to-play game are two of the biggest contributors to its success, lifting the restrictions other titles have for those who want to play it. 

However, with those benefits comes the great challenge of making it a level playing field between those using a controller and others using a mouse and keyboard.

One simple change could achieve just that. 

In a post to the Fortnite BR subreddit, DeadCell_XIII suggested that Epic introduce a system which allows console players to sync up buttons with different parts of the inventory, meaning players don’t have to stand still while scrolling through their loadout in-game. 

“This system binds each inventory slot to a specific button press of the should buttons” the Reddit user explained.

Check out a more detailed plan of the ‘Quick-Switch’ inventory controls below.

DeadCell_XIII thinks this could help console players on Fortnite.

“This allows you to know exactly what you have to press to get to a specific weapon type, without taking your thumbs off the sticks. You can change which buttons access which gun type simply be re-arranging your inventory.”

The user suggested that this could be added as an option, rather than default, allowing console players the choice between sticking with what they have already, or enabling this in the menus.

A controller doesn’t have as many buttons as a PC player’s keyboard does, however, that can be worked around by including double tapping options – DeadCell says.

The most recent change to controls made by Epic Games was the Builder Pro preset, which made it a lot easier for those on console to build at high speeds.

Whether or not the developer will go a step further and add a ‘Quick-Switch’ feature in the future remains to be seen.

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