Fortnite: Epic Games details all known issues with the Infinity Blade

Alan Bernal

Epic Games has unleashed a powerful sword to the main game of Fortnite, and although its allure and usability is undeniable, the negative reception has led the developers to address some concerns with the item.

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The Infinity Blade was introduced to Fortnite with the v7.01 update released on December 11, and is a part of the winter-themed story line that dominates a sizable portion of the map, but the weapon might be a bit too broken for players to use.

Reddit user FreightTrainUSA, an Epic Games Community Coordinator, has addressed some concerns with the Infinity Blade that are currently being worked on by the developers.

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Epic GamesThe Infinity Blade stirred up a lot of excitement for the item, but its application has turned excitement into disappointment and frustration.

In the brief post, FreightTrainUSA notes two glaring errors cause by the use of the Infinity Blade.

The first is the loss of the heads up display (HUD) after using the Infinity Blade. The community coordinator offered a workaround to the problem, by simply entering a game, opening the settings, navigate to gear, then select HUD and turn the Quickbar setting to On.

The second problem deals with an animation bug that shows the player repeatedly swinging the blade “for a short time, without ever fully completing the animation.”

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What the post did not address was the notable amount of gripe the community is expressing toward the Infinity Blade and concerns revolving its inclusion with the NA Winter Royale Finals currently underway and wrapping up on December 12.

Epic Games will undoubtedly want to address major balance concerns with a lot of money on the line for many players, but official word has yet to be given.

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