Four new Fortnite Summer Splash LTMs leaked in v13.30 update

Brad Norton
Fortnite characters running away from explosions

[jwplayer Puy4UiEa]Brand new playlists are on the way to Fortnite in Season 3 as the latest update has already been datamined and four Limited-Time Modes(LTMs) have been leaked.

While Fortnite’s third season brought a ton of map changes, fresh weapons, and plenty of new mechanics, LTMs have been few and far between. Epic Games introduced the Summer Splash event as a way to spice things up and implement new playlists. Though avid players have still been desperate for more exciting modes to come back for.

Dataminers have already pulled apart every scrap of new information in the July 21 v13.30 patch. We’ve been provided with early looks at upcoming cosmetics as well as a new POI. However, the developers have also laid the foundation for four upcoming LTMs, all of which have been plucked from the new update.

Some will be throwing players into challenging new battles while others will test your fishing skills. Here’s a complete overview of four upcoming modes that will soon be available in Fortnite Season 3.

Fortnite Season 3 Summer Splash event artwork
The Summer Splash event will be continuing until the end of Season 3.


The first of the newly leaked events is called ‘Polaris,’ according to prominent dataminer ‘HYPEX.’

In this mode, players will be rushing to get their Fishing Rods as early as possible. Only grey-tier loot will be available in open water, but high-tier loot will be “pulled from fishing spots.”

As soon as you drop into the map, expect fierce competition around any fishing hotspots. 

Tank Battle

‘Tank Battle’ is the name of the second LTM leaked in the latest Fortnite update. While you won’t actually be driving tanks around the map as the name implies, your character will be ‘tankier’ than ever before.

In this playlist, dealing damage to enemies will steal their shields. Lining up the perfect shots can have you fully shielded up for the next fight.

Fortnite character drinking shield potion
You won’t be needing shield potions to replenish your health in this LTM.

Rags to Riches

Similar to Gun Game from the Call of Duty series, the next LTM improves your loadout with each kill. ‘Rags to Riches’ starts out with nothing but grey loot on the map.

You won’t get lucky and find a powerful loadout as soon as you drop. Instead, you’ll have to find eliminations to upgrade your gear. With each new kill, your weapons will be upgraded at random.


Last but not least, ‘Payback’ is the fourth and final LTM leaked for Fortnite Season 3. “Fight to the top with your team,” its description reads.

In this playlist, loot is back to normal. The key difference here is that players will become ‘marked’ after finding a kill. If an opposing squad is able to “get payback” and wipe out this marked player, it’ll be worth two eliminations instead of one.

Fortnite Season 3 fishing
You’ll need to fish for loot in an upcoming Season 3 LTM.

Given that these LTMs have not been confirmed by Epic Games just yet, there’s no telling when they may appear. Some could pop up during the Summer Splash event while others could be held for later in the season.

Now that you’re well prepared for the LTMs, get ahead of the curve with an early sneak peek of Fortnite Season 3’s upcoming POI.