Fortnite announces new Reload LTM that brings back classic POIs

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite Reload title

The Reload LTM will bring back classic Fortnite POIs and a new map with iconic locations like Tilted Towers. Here’s more on the upcoming game mode.

Fortnite is bringing a new hotfix update on June 22, 2024, ahead of the two-day Metallica Fuel Fire Fury live event. While players speculated Epic will add files related to the live event, leaks have surfaced online hinting at summer update files that will be added to the API.

However, now Fortnite themselves have announced a new LTM called Reload, which takes players back to the OG Chapter 1 map. It’ll also bring back iconic POIs like Tilted Towers, Retail Row, and Pleasant Park, and a few remixed locations like Lil’ Loot Lake, Lazy Laps, and Sandy Sheets.

The teaser shows six locations on a smaller map than the current Chapter 5 Battle Royale island and, according to leaks, it’ll be a shorter version of the BR mode with quicker matches. Moreover, Fortnite posted, “A place of high energy! And forgiveness. All new mode”, right below the teaser thread.

But that’s not all. As revealed in a new trailer on YouTube, the new game mode will also be featuring “exclusive footage and gameplay” from “legendary content creators,” referring to Kai Cenat, Duke, Agent00, Davis, Chris, and Sketch who all made an appearance.

While players have been waiting for a return of Fortnite OG this year, they were pleased to see the arrival of an entirely new LTM that they hope is “here to stay”. One such player said, “Lol Mini-BR I called it.”

Another player explained how this release will solve two things it gives fans the OG Fortnite they’ve been waiting for and it’s a “great testing ground for when Fortnite BR is moved to UEFN.”

Even content creators like Nick Eh 30 turned in their excitement and praised Epic while saying, “Fortnite (is) making a comeback this season.”

More leaks by iFireMonkey hint at a new BR mechanic where as long as one of your squad is alive, the rest of the squad can respawn without having to be rebooted at a reboot van, similar to Rebirth Island in Call of Duty Warzone.