Fortnite’s Ice Storm could bring zombie hordes for the winter season

Alan Bernal

Fortnite looks to be on track for another visit from the undead in the upcoming Ice Storm event as a new leak has emerged that contains audio files and images related to the Ice King’s zombie army.

Fortnite’s winter event started innocent enough as it covered a portion of the map in a blanket of snow, but more sinister events loom on the horizon as the Ice King’s attack on the landscape evolves.

Fortnite leak source FortTory has uncovered files in the game that contain eerily familiar sounds for spawns with an icy twist, and a leaked image from Reddit user igootin all but seals the impending zombie attack.

The Reddit image shows a ghastly humanoid figure with glowing veins across its body that pierces through its eyes and mouth like the fiends in the Fortnitemare event from October 2018.

Just like in that event, the sounds from the explosive zombie spawns have been reintroduced to the game, this time with a crackling frozen element to the effect.

The files themselves also indicate a ghoulish foe is on the horizon, as files repeatedly include the name Deimos that relates to the Greek diety of the same name that means ‘dread.’

Although an impending freeze attack is coming to the battle royale, FortTory isn’t sure if the zombies are coming to the king of the hill mode. However the polished nature of the leaked sights and sounds almost assuredly point to their inclusion.

More will be known as the event goes on, which might have to do something with the mysterious orb in Fortnite’s sky.