Fortnite’s floating island will form volcano like pits according to new leak

Players started noticing that the floating island from Loot Lake in Fortnite Battle Royale was on the move, and now a leak shows exactly what it is going to do – including small volcanos. 

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In a leak that will excite every Fortnite YouTuber with a volcano thumbnail ready, it looks like they will actually be in the game, at least on a small scale.

Found using an exploit in Fortnite’s ‘Replay Mode’, some eagle eyed investigative players have managed to uncover these ‘corrupted zones’, with small volcanic pits containing purple magma.

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The floating island, which originates from the house that was previously situated in the center of Loot Lake, has been continuously on the move since first being noticed on September 30.

It has already covered significant distance, but it was initially unclear what it’s ultimate purpose was, until this leak.

Found by Twitter users @lucas7yoshi and @AyeTSG, their is no indication as to what will happen when players interact with these small volcanic pits, but it is likely the will have some impact on players within their vicinity.

Image: lucas7yoshi
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There is also video footage of the area in game, once again via Replay mode, which shows these pits are very much alive and bubbling.

We have absolutely no clues as to when these map changes will take affect, however given the rate which the floating island is moving across the map, it may not be a long wait.