Fortnite World Record for Duo vs Squads beaten after only two days

Calum Patterson

On February 19, the PC world record for Duo vs Squads on Fortnite was set at 51, but only days later, it has already been beaten – by an Italian duo.

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FaZe Clan’s Thief and partner Webs previously held the record with a whopping 50 kills, but this was overtaken by ‘Inspyre’ and ‘Thresh’ on February 19, with a 51.

Incredibly, the previous record of 48 had stood for almost an entire year – and it’s now been broken three times in only a matter of weeks, as Italian players Pityth and Kygozz have extended the record to 52.

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The Duo vs Squads record has been beaten three times in February 2019 alone.

Perhaps it is something in the meta allowing these records to be beaten, or maybe an influx of new players who are easier to take out (Fortnite recently hit a record peak of 7.2 million concurrent players in February).

Whatever is causing these records to be beaten consistently, almost on a weekly basis, it’s good to see that even after almost a year and a half since release, Fortnite Battle Royale players are still striving for new challenges.

You can watch the incredible 52 kill duo vs squads game from Pityth and Kygozz below, as they take out over half of the lobby.

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As incredible as this gameplay is, there’s a good chance this record won’t stand for long, as more and more players are attempting to get their name on the list

You can view the full list of updated world records in Fortnite Battle Royale here.

If you think you have a record breaking gameplay in Fortnite or Apex Legends, and can provide evidence, let us know @Dexerto on Twitter.