Fortnite’s 30.10 update quietly combats teaming in cars

Brianna Reeves
fortnite turret

Fortnite Update 30.10 quietly combats teaming by no longer letting players use turrets when a car is driven by enemies.

Teaming has long been a problem across various Fortnite game modes. It’s a tactic in which enemy players agree to team up for a while and take out the rest of the competition.

While teaming technically constitutes a bannable offense, since it’s considered cheating, it’s hard to prove. As a result, not many players worry about the ramifications.

But the problem has gained more attention since the launch of Chapter 5 Season 3, which introduced weapon mods for vehicles.

The update allowed players to hop in an enemy’s vehicle and mow down other foes with a gun turret. Fortnite’s 30.10 patch put a stop to this, though the release notes don’t mention it.

Reddit user Far-Internal-6355 pointed out the change in a post on June 14, which shows a screenshot of their character sitting inside an enemy’s vehicle.

Despite having control of the turret, text on the screen notes the weapon is “Disabled while enemy is driving.”

One person in the thread claimed this change applies to every game mode. And others quickly identified the turret tweak as one meant to target Fortnite’s teaming problem.

“That’s one way to beat teaming,” reads one such comment under the post.

Many seem to agree that this is a smart way to combat the issue. However, other Fortnite players think it especially disadvantages the original owner of the car. After all, some users have been known to randomly jump into vehicles uninvited during matches.

One person suggested another possible solution that would’ve killed two birds with one stone: “Good way to screw the original car owner. Teaming is a problem, but they should have just locked the doors.”

In addition to this change, Fortnite 30.10 also added Metallica content that includes a UEFN concert experience, Mythic items, and more.

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