Fortnite bans Clix for “teaming” during game, disqualified for the rest of FNCS 2023 season

Jeremy Gan

Fortnite has banned Cody “Clix” Conrod for “teaming” with an opponent during a match, leaving him disqualified for the next current and next season the Fortnite Championship Series, and the Copenhagen LAN at the end of the year. 

When Epic Games announced their plans for the Fortnite Championship Series for 2023, they announced it would have one of the largest prize pools in Fortnite history, totalling $10 million. All concluding in a massive LAN tournament in Copenhagen at the end of the year. 

However, one of the biggest names and competitors in FNCS, Clix, has been banned from the game, barring him from the upcoming NA Grand Finals and LCQ for the Copenhagen LAN.

In a stream addressing his ban, Clix showed that he was banned for two weeks, further revealing the extent of his ban. “This means I can’t play the FNCS Grand Finals, and I also can’t play the next FNCS in a month, so that means I can’t go to the LAN event” he said. 

The ban states that he was banned for “teaming up with a competitor”.

He then shows the game in which he was banned for, where a stream-sniper had been harassing him in the game by throwing items at Clix to help him. He said he was mad at the sniper, but relented that he did indeed break the rules as he picked up one of the items. 

“I did break the rules right there, but I feel two weeks is a little bit too harsh and I would be happy with a seven day or three day, or even a warning, where I can play the next FNCS” he said. 

He figured that Epic might have only watched the replay of the game, which looked like Clix was teaming with the enemy, but on stream he was visibly mad at them, trying to make the sniping stop. 

“If they looked at the replays, chat, it does look like I was teaming, from the replays out of context, I completely agree” he said. 

He then explains that he doesn’t harbor any ill will towards Epic, saying, “I’m not trying to go off at Epic whatsoever, it’s more that I’m disappointed at the fact that I got a consequence off of someone else’s actions that I wasn’t even able to control.”

Time will tell if Fortnite reverses Clix’s ban, however, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the story.

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