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Apex Legends

Fortnite streamer tops Twitch amid Apex Legends hype

Published: 10/Feb/2019 22:28 Updated: 11/Feb/2019 6:33

by Vincent Genova


Apex Legends took over Twitch during its launch week, with many top Fortnite streamers trying out the new game.

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Fortnite saw a resurgence on February 10 when MontanaBlack88 started pulling in massive numbers on Twitch. While streaming an EU Fortnite tournament, Montana Black pulled in a staggering 180,000 concurrent viewers. For comparison, Ninja’s peak viewership high this week was 101,000.

The tournament is an unofficial event with a prize pool of about $17,000.

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Fortnite has been a mainstay on Twitch, pulling in chart topping numbers every week with only brief dips due to other releases. Black Ops 4 briefly topped Fortnite when it launched in October, now Apex is doing the same.


From February 4 to 9, Apex Legends averaged 180,000 viewers compared to Fortnite’s 110,000.

Fortnite also trailed in peak viewership, clocking in around 325,000 viewers. The Apex Legends peak was over 490,000.

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MontanaBlack88’s stream and tournament makes one thing clear, the reports of Fortnite’s death are greatly exaggerated.

Viewership may swing back to Apex Legends after the conclusion of MontanaBlack’s Fortnite event, especially once the first Twitch Rivals Apex Legend Challenge takes place on February 10, but both games will likely remain popular for the foreseeable future.

Black Ops 4 may also make its way back to the top once a new Blackout Operation launches.