Fortnite star Benjyfishy reveals massive weight loss progress

Benjyfishy in NRG hoodieBenjyfishy

Benjamin ‘Benjyfishy’ Fish, Fortnite professional for NRG and Twitch star, has shared images of his incredible weight loss progress, explaining how he has made the changes and just how much weight he has lost. 

Benjyfishy has, like many young Fortnite professionals, been catapulted into esports stardom off the back of his incredible talent for Epic Games’ battle royale.

Despite only being 13 years old at the time of Fortnite’s release, Benjy quickly realized he had a natural flair for Fortnite, and has grown an immense following off the back of it.

At the time of writing, the now 16-year-old sits at 1.3 million Twitter followers and approximately double that in Twitch followers. While many fans are interested in the young British streamer for his talents on Fortnite, he has recently shared a health update, revealing that he has lost over 20kg in the past few months.

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Twitter: BenjyfishyEpic Games
Benjyfishy was in attendance at the Fortnite World Cup back in the summer of 2019.

“Posted on Instagram but thought [I] would post on here as well, 20 KG down,” he tweeted. Attached to the tweet was an image of Benjy stood in front of a Christmas tree, roughly 44lbs lighter.

He followed it up by thanking fans for their support, and explaining that he wants to continue on his health grind. “Thanks for all the love,” he said. “[I’ve] been working out for the past year and a bit but only started taking [it] seriously past 3 months. [Also] eating less etc, still much more work to be done though.”

Many prominent Fortnite creators were quick to congratulate Benjy for his hard work, including CouRage, NickEh30 and Avery. Similarly, Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff said: “Proud of ya lil bro, that’s not an easy task. Keep grinding.”

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Only Benjy knows what he’s aiming for in terms of his health, but the 16-year-old is an example to many that hard work, however you choose to direct it, will lead to serious progress.