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Fortnite ‘Sonic’ skin possibly leaked to be coming soon

Published: 28/Jun/2021 18:41 Updated: 28/Jun/2021 18:59

by Nick Farrell


A new leak has appeared on social media hinting that Sonic the Hedgehog may be coming to Fortnite very soon, and also ties into SEGA celebrating Sonic’s 30th anniversary.

Fortnite Season 7 is in full swing since it released during the early stages of June, and there is a ton of content that the visiting aliens have implemented into the game for players to check out.

The new explorable mothership has signaled clues that we could see the emergence of classic POIs from Chapter 1 in the coming weeks, but new leaks have pointed towards another collaboration skin coming soon.

This time around, it could be centered around a lovable character that has become synonymous with gaming in the last 30 years!


Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails have appeared in multiple games over the last 30 years.

Sonic skin possibly leaked

Fortnite and leaks are two things that just go hand in hand at this point, and there are a few notable sources we’ve been able to trust in the past that have put out info regarding new skins and content coming to the game.

This time around, HYPEX has noted that there’s “an unreleased contrail for a skin codenamed Sonic,” and it wouldn’t surprise us if SEGA and Epic teamed up to release a skin celebrating Sonic’s recent 30th anniversary, which was June 23.

However, one note to take into consideration is the fact HYPEX states the skin uses the same color pattern as the Raz skin, which was a part of the Season 6 battle pass. This could mean the contrail is simply going to be used for another variation of the Raz skin, but Epic naming it Sonic is still worth keeping track of.


In the meantime, Epic is still going to be rolling out more skins influenced from other genres of media, and the latest case of this is with the Loki skin coming to the Fortnite Crew Pack!