Fortnite Season 3 LTM hotfix reveals details about upcoming events

Andrew Amos

Epic Games has shipped a hotfix to v13.20 overnight with some key details outlining the new limited-time modes (LTMs) coming to Fortnite in Season 3.

LTMs are back in Fortnite. With the Summer Splash event just around the corner, exciting game modes featuring interesting rules will be open to all once again.

Some LTMs, like The Floor is Lava, have been massive hits with players. Because they’re only in-game for a short period of time, everyone usually hops on for a bit of fun before swapping back to the regular battle royale experience.

While the LTMs were meant to be a secret for the most part, Fortnite doesn’t work like that. A secret hotfix deployed on July 1 has revealed just which modes players will get to play in the coming days.

The upcoming LTMs in the rotation will be Blitz, High Explosives, Shotguns Only, and Unvaulted. The Blitz and High Explosive LTMs have been used before in various events previously.

Blitz in Fortnite
Blitz is making a return to Fortnite soon.

If you need a refresher on each of these game modes, or want to know what the new ones are about, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Blitz: Faster-paced version of the original Battle Royale. Storm shrinks faster, materials are harvested faster, et cetera.
  • High Explosives: The only weapons players can use are explosives.
  • Shotguns Only (Close Encounters): The only weapons players can use are shotguns and other short-ranged weapons.
  • Unvaulted: Weapons that have previously been vaulted will be making a return in this LTM. This is an entirely new LTM.

The specific hotfixes targeted different things, according to Fortnite dataminer ‘HYPEX’.

The rate of ammo box spawns has been altered slightly for Blitz, there will be no bots on High Explosives, and both the Shotguns Only and Unvaulted modes will have some weapons disabled.

In the Shotguns Only mode, this includes the unreleased Dragon weapon. The double-barrel type shotty could be months down the line, so depending on when Shotguns Only is released, it may not even be in the game.

There’s no indication when some of the other announced LTMs, like Fog of War, Catch!, and more will be rotated in and out. You’ll just have to keep an eye on the client until your favorite comes back.

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