Fortnite Rocket Racing Season 1 Neon Rush patch notes: New tracks, cars, quest pack & more

Josh Taylor
Fortnite Rocket Racing Neon Rush Season 1

Fortnite has finally launched Season 1 of Rocket Racing, which includes five new tracks, Werewolf Car Body skin, Fuse Starter Quest Pack and more. Here is everything you need to know.

Season Zero has come to a close for Rocket Racing in Fortnite, as Season 1 launches with its Neon Rush-themed season for the racing mode.

Epic’s 29.20 update adds five new neon-packed tracks, Neon Rush Kickoff & Ranked Quests, Fuse Starter Quest Pack, Werewolf car skin, and even the ability for players to build creator-made tracks using UEFN.

Here are all the patch notes for Fortnite’s Rocket Racing Season 1 Neon Rush update.

Fortnite Rocket Racing Season 1 Neon Rush update patch notes

Five new tracks

Jackrabbit Rocket Racing track.
The new Jackrabbit Rocket Racing track is included with the Neon Rush update.

Neon Rush adds five neon-themed tracks for players to race on this season. These include four centered around different cities at night, while Slap Happy has the backdrop of a small town in the daytime.

Here are all five new Neon Rush tracks added as part of Season 1:

  • Jackrabbit – Drift and take shortcuts in this neon-packed city street race. (Difficulty: Novice. Track unlocked in ranked racing at Bronze I.)
  • Tri-City – Air dodge between the twisting freeway roads of Tri-City. (Difficulty: Novice. Unlocked in ranked racing at Silver I.)
  • Conduit – A circular circuit that will have you spinning sideways around this rainforest city track. (Difficulty: Expert. Unlocked in ranked racing at Platinum I.)
  • Delirium – Drive through a downtown cave that will send you delirious as you drive upside down. (Difficulty: Expert. Unlocked in ranked racing at Diamond I.)
  • Slap Happy – Escape the busy neon nightlife by drifting around a peaceful town. (Difficulty: Advanced. Unlocked in ranked racing at Gold I.)

Creator-made tracks

Using Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN), players can now create Rocket Racing tracks. These can be accessed by a unique Fortnite island code, or found in the track selection section.

Epic has added five new rows in the track selection to help you find the best creator-made tracks:

  • What’s Possible in UEFN – A row showcasing the possibilities of creating tracks with UEFN!
  • Community Speed Run: Top Tracks – The most popular creator-made Speed Run tracks.
  • Community Speed Run: New Tracks – Creator-made Speed Run tracks rising in popularity.
  • Community Racing: Top Tracks – The most popular creator-made Racing tracks
  • Community Racing: New Tracks – Creator-made Racing tracks rising in popularity.

Fuse Starter Quest Pack

Fuse Starter Quest Pack Fortnite Rocket Racing.
All the rewards you can get from the Fuse Starter Quest Pack in Fortnite.

The Fuse Starter Quest Pack will be added to Fortnite’s Item Shop on April 11, at 8 PM ET. Here’s everything included in Fuse Starter Quest Pack:

  • Fuse Car Body skin
  • 5 Fuse Decals (Flames, Lightning, Stripes, Wings, Formline)
  • Matius skin (Includes a LEGO Fortnite skin style)
  • Fuse Quest Bundle – You will need to complete these Quests in Rocket Racing to earn:
    • 13 standard paint colors for Fuse
    • 2 Fuse Decals (Fluorescent and Whip-Tail)
    • Silver Rush Style for the Matius Outfit
    • Gold paint color for Fuse

All the Car components in the Fuse Starter Quest Pack — including those unlockable from Quests — are eligible for cross-game ownership in Rocket League.

Werewolf car skin

Werewolf Car Body skin in Fortnite.
Werewolf Car Body skin in Fortnite.

The Werewolf Bundle has now been added to the game and can be purchased from the in-game Fortnite Item Shop. Here’s everything included in the Werewolf Bundle:

  • Werewolf Car Body skin (has 13 different paint colors)
  • Anticlipse Werewolf Decal
  • Arcadia Werewolf Decal
  • Big Scratches Werewolf Decal
  • Shapeshifter Werewolf Decal
  • Stripes Werewolf Decal
  • Pro Werewolf Decal

If you already have the item in Rocket League, you’ll find them ready and waiting for you in Fortnite thanks to cross-game ownership.

Neon Rush Kickoff & Ranked Quests

Season 1 brings new Kickoff and Ranked Quests that need to be completed by the end of the season:

  • Neon Rush Kickoff Quests – Complete all Kickoff Quests to unlock the Aetherius Wheels cosmetic and 13 different paint colors to use for them.
  • Neon Rush Ranked Quests – Complete the Ranked Quests to unlock different rewards, such as the Psypher Trail and different paint colors.


  • Rank reset – Every player’s rank in Ranked Racing has been reset for Season 1. Your starting rank for this season will be based on your finishing rank at the end of last season, e.g. Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
  • Speed Run leaderboards reset – Speed Run leaderboards have been reset.
  • Speed Run expansion – All Epic-made Rocket Racing tracks can now be played as a Speed Run.
  • Ranked Progression balancing – Have made adjustments to progress gains in Ranked Racing.
  • Ranked Racing Matchmaking – Have made adjustments to how matchmaking works in Ranked to improve queue times for players at all ranks.

Bug fixes


  • Made several improvements to help prevent cars from getting stuck or getting redirected the wrong way when hitting an edge.
  • Fixed an issue causing cars to get demolished by objects that should be instantly destroyed when hit.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Wrong Way” indicator would appear during sharp drifts.
  • The camera will no longer snap into place when you’re driving up a vertical surface that goes upside down (for example: when you’re going through a loop).
  • Fixed an issue where the starting line boost visual effects were not appearing on other racers’ cars.
  • Fixed an issue where the visual effects for certain surface types did not appear.
  • Fixed an issue with drafting visual effects behaving unexpectedly when drafting on walls or upside down.
  • Fixed an issue where the visual effects of the underthrust (the part of the car activated during flying) could be canceled out by air dodge visual effects.
  • Fixed an issue where players could control their car while a UI screen was in the foreground, such as the post-match screen.
  • Fixed an issue causing an error message to appear when returning to the Lobby during post-match matchmaking.
  • Made fixes to prevent access to unintended parts of tracks.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow speed pads set up in a horizontal row to sometimes give a car multiple stacks of bonus speed when driving over two at the same time.
    • This change does not affect speed pads that are placed in front of another, like in Dust Up 2.
  • Smoothed out some visual elements of the Anaconda track.
  • Fixed an issue on Nintendo Switch where players were unable to controller map the ZL and SL buttons.
  • Fixed an issue on Nintendo Switch where cars would briefly appear low poly when loading into a race.

Speed Run

  • Fixed a game crash that occurred when completing a Speed Run match while an anonymous player was present on the leaderboard.
  • Fixed an issue where the Top 100 leaderboards would sometimes only show 99 players.
  • Fixed an issue causing late-joining players from spawning correctly on the starting line in Speed Run.
  • Fixed an issue causing the “Wrong Way” indicator to remain on-screen after the “End Run” button is pressed.
  • Fixed various issues for late-joining players with the post-match screen UI.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Best Run Time icon to disappear when scrolling through run times in the post-match screen.

Car skin and cosmetics

  • The City Slam Mammoths Decal has a more consistent appearance between Fortnite and Rocket League.
  • Fixed an issue with certain parts of Dominus GT not appearing as metallic as intended.
  • Fixed an issue with the engine block of Dominus GT not changing to the selected Car Body paint color.

That’s everything added to Fortnite Rocket Racing with the new 29.20 update. Check out the main patch notes for more info about the new update.