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Fortnite pro SypherPK is not happy with shotguns

Published: 30/Sep/2018 16:55 Updated: 30/Sep/2018 16:58

by Vincent Genova


SypherPK landed a point blank headshot with a shotgun and reacted emotionally when he still lost the battle.

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The Luminosity player tried baiting an enemy into a small room with a trap.

The player opened the door, but did not enter, instead choosing to spray SypherPK with an SMG.

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SypherPK had a shotgun and reacted quickly, landing a headshot on the enemy. It was not enough for the elimination however, which upset Sypher.

Don’t you miss when the pump used to kill people when you did stuff like that? I bet that guy had six health [remaining] to,” said Sypher immediately after the altercation.


His shot landed for 144 damage, which is not enough to eliminate a player with 100 health and 50 shield – which Sypher referenced with his “six health” comment.

Due to the slow fire-rate of shotguns, most shotgun users will be eliminated before a second shot can be made.

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Despite his anger at not picking up the elimination, Sypher appeared on reddit with a cooler head and explained that his comments should not be “taken to heart.”

Shotguns have been a source of controversy in Fortnite since the game launched, with Epic struggling to find a balance between overpowered and underwhelming.