Insane ATK glitch happens live on Parallax’s Fortnite stream

. 4 years ago

Parallax spotted an ATK in Fortnite and tried to take out the driver, but a crazy glitch happened instead.

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He started firing at the speeding ATK, but instead of taking damage, this happened:

The kart went airborne, barrel rolling out of control as soon as Parallax hit it.

Impressively, Parallax managed to keep the ATK in his sights as it spiraled out of control.

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His sustained fire may have kept the kart in its barrel roll, as it stopped spinning wildly once Parallax had to reload.

The ATK flew off the edge of the map, robbing Parallax of an elimination but giving him a good laugh in the process.

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Hilarious glitches involving the ATK have been around since the kart was added to the game, including a starring role in Muselk’s famous rescue attempt.

The kart also allowed players to get creative using the Replay feature, recreating the ending scene of Fast and Furious 7 as well as Drake’s ‘In My Feeling’s’ Challenge.

Parallax is a Fortnite pro player for Nadeshot’s 100 Thieves organization.

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