Fortnite players slam “tedious” Odyssey challenges & quests

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Fortnite Odyssey Quest Rewards

Chapter 5 Season 2’s hype quest is missing the mark with some of the player base, with Fortnite players dissatisfied with the quest’s requirements.

Fortnite‘s first season of Chapter 5 is coming to a close, and all eyes are looking towards the future. Chapter 2 is set to arrive in early March, bringing a Greek-mythologically themed season.

As part of the hype for the upcoming season, a mini live event is underway, tasking players with opening up Pandora’s Box. There’s also a “hype quest” offering a few rewards for those who complete the quests before the current season ends.

However, it seems the hype quest hasn’t hit the mark for some players, with many dubbing it as “tedious” work.

Fortnite players disgruntled with “tedious” Odyssey quest

The quest under fire is the “Collect Mosaic Tiles” challenge. As the name implies, players are tasked with collecting an increasing amount of titles to complete a mosaic, with the rewards being a loading screen and a back bling.

In a post shared to the Fortnite subreddit, players voiced their frustration with the quest, with the key descriptor being that it’s “tedious.” For the unaware, the quest starts with players having to collect 25 tiles, with the last step forcing players to collect 300.

One player perfectly summed up their feelings on the quest: “I normally don’t complain about quests, but this one is just way too much. Especially because it basically came the last week of the season. I am fortunate enough to be able to play a lot.”

In all fairness, tiles are dished out relatively easily, since destroying items, hitting weak points or damaging enemies will reward them. However, there seem to be a myriad of bugs surrounding the tiles’ implementation causing others to quit out of sheer frustration.

Plenty of replies shared advice on how to speed up the process: “It’s easy to get a lot of them fast by going to a relatively empty location and breaking structures by hitting their weak points. However, the player ended their advice with: “The quest really does suck though.”

Chapter 5 Season 2 is scheduled to arrive on March 8 meaning there isn’t much time left to collect those tiles.

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