Fortnite players reach breaking point with “impossible” All Sweat Summer quests

Josh Taylor
Fortnite player furious

Fortnite’s All Sweat Summer quests have been living up to their name since they launched, with some in particular leaving players baffled over how “impossible” they are to complete.

Epic Games unleashed its annual summer event once again in 2024 with a fresh roster of cosmetic rewards for players to earn by completing quests. However, Epic revealed that brand-new quests will continue to be released throughout the event every day.

These have been gradually increasing in difficulty as each day goes by and players have finally reached breaking point.

On July 8, Epic released two quests. One of which was to “Win a Victory Royale,” and if that wasn’t enough, the second was to “Win a Crowned Victory Royale,” by winning two Battle Royale matches in a row without losing the crown or picking one up mid-match.

Several posts have spawned across the Fortnite community over their disbelief for the “impossible” challenges, as the player Megazard02 simply stated in a Fortnite Reddit post: “Alright Epic, what the sweat is this.”

All Sweat Summer Fortnite event.
Fortnite All Sweat Summer teaser image.

“What bulls**t, I won a Crowned Victory Royale yesterday and it’s rare for me to get it,” a player said, as one more replied: “Nooooo I’m bad at the game wtf.”

Another added: “All Sweat Summer, no fun, super grindy, bare minimum of rewards.”

On July 9, Epic then followed up with two more. This time “Collect a Victory Crown” and the even harder “Win a Victory Royale while on a Wastelander Challenge” quest. Fortnite player enderjaca posted a screenshot of the quests in the Fortnite Reddit, with the title: “They’re just messing with us now.”

“It’s getting ridiculous. What’s next, get a head shot with a sniper over 100m while jumping? Or get a Victory Crown while holding all 3 Medallions?” one commented.

Fortnite All Sweat Summer event cosmetic rewards.
he Water Levels Wrap, Summer Sail Shark glider, and Deck Ducky Back Bling cosmetic rewards.

Despite the complaints, some players chimed in to put the rest of the community on blast: “It’s called All Sweat Summer for a reason.” To earn all three exclusive rewards, you will need to complete up to 20 Summer quests.

But, it is widely believed that there will be plenty of alternative quests to tackle, “Luckily you can do other easy challenges, I believe there is 30 or more so getting the 20 done is just fine,” one claimed.

However, others weren’t as convinced. “That’s what I was thinking but those challenges got harder every day and I really wonder what kind of challenge are waiting for us after those,” a player responded.

Fortnite players will have up until August 16 to complete every All Sweat Summer quest and claim all their cosmetic rewards.

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