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Fortnite players find the only cover that the Mounted Turret can’t destroy

Published: 22/Nov/2018 17:37 Updated: 22/Nov/2018 17:52

by Matt Porter


Lucky Fortnite fans have finally found a way to escape from the Mounted Turret item in Fortnite – by hiding behind the only item it can’t destroy!

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The Mounted Turret was added during the V6.30 patch for Fortnite Battle Royale, as an item that players could place down, sit inside of and shoot enormous volumes of ammo at enemies in a short space of time.

The hitbox for players sitting inside of the turret is incredibly difficult to hit, meaning that if you come across an opponent sitting in one, you are likely in a whole heap of trouble.


The item has been a controversial addition to Fortnite Battle Royale.
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Unfortunately for Reddit user Flluxor, he came across an enemy player using one at the Leaky Links golf course, and could only watch in horror as it begin to destroy the cover he was hiding behind.

Attempting to build ramps to protect himself, the Mounted Turret continued to rip them apart, leaving Flluxor diving for cover behind the only hiding place he had left, a grey vending machine.

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Much to his surprise, the Turret’s bullets ricocheted off the machine, but didn’t actually break the item, giving him a safe place to rest until he was able to peak out from behind it and snipe his opponent out of it.


Used a Vending Machine to counter aggressive turret. from r/FortNiteBR

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The Mounted Turret has been a controversial inclusion to the popular battle royale title, with many fans, including pro players like 100 Thieves’ Parallax and FaZe Clan’s Tfue both calling for the item to be removed.

Fortnite have attempted to nerf the weapon, changing it’s spawn rate on Friday, November 16 and then announcing another change to the item in the V6.31 client update.

While this trick is situational, as you need to be close to a vending machine when an enemy pulls out the mounted turret, it might help you avoid death if you happen to be near one!