Fortnite players dub Chapter 5 Season 3 Super Styles “best of this chapter”

John Esposito
Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Wrecked season end

Chapter 5 Season 3’s Super Level Styles are out, and Fortnite players have nothing but praise for the new season’s designs.

Super Level Styles are the pinnacle of Fortnite’s Battle Pass grind, rewarding the most dedicated players with unique looks for certain skins in said Battle Pass.

As highly valued as they are, recent seasonal designs haven’t been received well by the community. Aphrodite is one such instance, as players spent hours editing her “bad” Super Style in Chapter 5 Season 2.

With update 30.10, the newest wave of Super Styles is here, offering up Cold Fusion, Digital Ghost, and Neon Hazard variants for Rust, Brite Raidder, Ringmaster Scarr, The Machinist, and Megalo Don.

The reception to the latest Styles has been overwhelmingly positive, with players stating they’re the “best of this chapter.”

Fortnite Digital Ghost Megalo Don Super Style.

“I didn’t like these Super Styles at first, but after looking again I love them. They are the best of this chapter,” one player said on the Fortnite subreddit.

A recurring bit of praise was that none of the Super Styles feature glowing eyes, a common theme in Chapter 5’s Super Styles.

“They’re simple, they fit the characters well, and they didn’t do glowing eyes. Crazy how that’s all it takes to have good Super Styles,” someone commented.

Since Chapter 5 arrived, XP distribution has been a growing point of contention within the community. Each season, it seems the gains are going down, making the game feel like a grind.

Of course, to get the Super Styles, players have to grind quite a bit, which was a painful realization for the fanbase when the new Styles arrived.

One response perfectly summed up the community’s pain by writing: “NOOOOO WHY DID THEY HAVE TOO LOOK SO GOOD NOW I HAVE TO GRIIIIIIIIIIND.”

Like the previous seasons, players will have until the end of Season 3 to nab these Super Styles before they’re gone forever.

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