Fortnite players discover game-change Stromwing Grappler glitch

Daniel Appleford
Fortnite Stormwing Grappler glitchTikTok: theasslesschaps

Players have discovered a way to glitch around the map by attaching a Grappler to a Strormwing in Fortnite OG.

Fortnite’s Season OG has brought back some of the most beloved points of interest, skins, and items. These changes saw millions return to the game, breaking Fortnite player count records.

The Stromwing planes and Grapplers returned to Fortnite with the release of Season OG. The Stormwings were first introduced in Season 7, while the Grapplers debuted in Season 5 and have undergone various modifications since then.

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These two items were only in the game simultaneously for a short period of time. Grapplers were vaulted from the game on January 22, 2019 and Season 7 officially started on December 6, 2018. After four years, Grapplers and Stromwings are coming back together in a game-changing way.

Stromwing and Grappler combo lets players glide through trees

The clip begins with a trio of players; two are riding a Stormwing and the third player is holding on with a Grappler. The plane takes off and begins carrying the third player throughout Wailing Woods. Along the way, the player can slide past trees without colliding with the leaves or branches.

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“Imagine hoverboard at the same time,” said one TikTok user.

This theme follows throughout the video, allowing the player to ride behind the plane without using multiple Grappler shots. As long as the Stromwing had fuel, the player in the back could slide around the map without issue.

Only a few days are left in Season OG before the next Chapter of Fortnite begins. It is unlikely that Epic Games will take time to address this game-changing mechanic. There is also no guarantee that Grapplers or Stromwings will be available in the future.

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