Fortnite players are complaining about “too many” bots in lobbies

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Fortnite players and content creators have started complaining about the number of bots in unranked lobbies.

Fortnite turning back the clock to the original days of the game was a massive success. Millions of people returned to the game and broke a record of over 44 million players in a single day

Despite its success, Season OG marks the shortest season in Fortnite history. The event started on November 3 and will conclude on December 2 when a meteor will strike the map. 

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The OG season also brought back popular streamers to the game, including familiar faces like Dr Disrepect, TimTheTatman, and Tfue. However, it was CourageJD that started the conversation surrounding the number of bots.

Fortnite bots have taken over lobbies

Unlike other multiplayer games like Call of Duty and Warzone, unranked Fortnite doesn’t have skill-based matchmaking. This leads to more bots in lobbies, but players wonder how many get into every lobby. 

“My biggest takeaway after talking to many returning Fortnite OG players during this last month is that many of them hated how many bot lobbies they had,” said Courage on Twitter/X. “With 5.5 million concurrent players, it just doesn’t make sense that so many AI are in lobbies. Anyone else agree?”

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Other content creators agreed with Courage in the post’s comment section. Some said they went several hours without being “hit by a bullet,” while others pointed out that having bots may not be such a bad idea.

“I would rather AI lobbies so I can continue to play with the friends I used to play with rather than a lobby of 100 people who never stopped playing,” said one user. “It’s a skill issue, but it makes them come back. I get it’s different when it’s your job vs casual play though.”

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Bots or SBMM, it seems like players have not found a solution to make multiplayer games enjoyable. Epic Games have not addressed the number of bots currently in Fortnite, but the issue could be updated in the upcoming season.

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