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Fortnite player perfectly recreates OG map and it’s amazing

Published: 24/Oct/2021 17:21

by Sam Comrie


Fortnite has evolved into something far beyond our wildest dreams over the years, but one fan is bringing players back to a simpler time with a re-creation of the classic map. 

Different seasons have come and gone, changing the course of Fortnite’s lore forever. With each massive twist, the map itself has undergone several huge overhauls, as a means to keep gameplay fresh with each update.

However, there are still some players out there who want to revisit a time in Fortnite, before dimension-changing rifts and Dune-inspired cosmetics.

As a result, one fan has gone above and beyond to painstakingly re-build Fortnite’s original map.


Spacefarer Ariana Grande in the Fortnitemares trailer
Epic Games
Celebrities like Ariana Grande continue to appear within the game.

Fortnite fan takes us back to Athena

In the first Chapter of Fortnite, Athena was the location where players would do battle and despite all the changes, it remains a beloved favorite among the community.

While players can’t officially drop back into Athena, Fortnite fan @TheBoyDilly has gone out of his way to re-create Athena for everyone to enjoy once again.

Able to accommodate impressive features such as “Victory Royale and Eliminations Save” and “Accurate POI’s,”  the meticulously crafted creation is available to experience within the game now via the Creative mode.

Fans have been loving the Creative addition too, with one fan saying: “I’m finally home.” While the map still has teeth issues in regards to the closing circle, the overall reception has been largely positive: “Love the map. The nostalgia hit me like a truck,” added another.


The clever rebuild will likely only increase calls for Epic Games to bring the old back in some sort of LTM, but who know if that’ll happen.