New Fortnite hotfix adds Pump Shotgun replacement & vaults Kinetic Boomerang

Brianna Reeves
fortnite kinetic boomerang

Fortnite hotfix v25.11 has officially introduced the Pump Shotgun’s replacement and vaulted the Kinetic Boomerang.

Leaked details from earlier this week suggested the Pump Shotgun would return to Fortnite with a catch. According to the leak, instead of functioning as players remembered, the classic weapon would resurface with a tighter spread and long-range capabilities.

The other topic of interest – the Kinetic Boomerang – is a different matter entirely. This particular weapon joined the loot pool in Chapter 4 Season 3, serving as a solid utility weapon for mid-range attacks.

Interestingly, Fortnite’s newest hotfix has changed the game for both; and players are already voicing their disappointment.

Epic vaults Kinetic Boomerang in newest Fortnite hotfix

HYPEX and iFireMonkey report that Fortnite v25.11 has issued changes centered around a few fan-favorite weapons. For one, the Pump Shotgun returns under a new name – Sharp Tooth Shotgun.

As previously leaked, this overhauled version of the gun can fire long-range, boasts a tighter spread, and deals damage at Legendary Rarity.

The patch also removed the Kinetic Boomerang, and it’s not clear if the weapon will resurface anytime soon. According to another post from HYPEX, Epic vaulted the Boomerang “due to an issue with players losing control when rebooted.”

fortnite kinetic boomerang

Regarding the Sharp Tooth Shotgun, some fans aren’t too pleased with the changes to the original Pump. One Twitter user wrote, “Tight spread? So they’ve ruined it to be another sniper shotgun like the Heavy?”

Meanwhile, many are surprised that the Kinetic Boomerang is already out despite a recent Fortnite update buffing it. “Didn’t they JUST buff the boomerang like 2 days ago?” a user asked under the iFireMonkey tweet.

“So basically anything kinetic gets vaulted,” another person said in reference to the Kinetic Blade’s removal in May. It would seem some things on Fortnite Island simply aren’t meant to be.

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