Fortnite players split on hotfix vaulting “terrible” Warforged AR

John Esposito
Fortnite Warforged Assault Rifle artwork

Fortnite’s latest hotfix vaulted the Warforged Assault Rifle for the Combat variant, leaving players divided on the change.

Fortnite’s June 18 hotfix made various smaller changes after the major update 30.10, which introduced the Metallica crossover, heavy metal goodies, and other changes.

One of the latest hotfix’s changes has proven controversial, though, with Epic Games vaulting the Warforged Assault Rifle in favor of the Combat Assault Rifle.

Epic introduced the former in Chapter 5 Season 2, drawing a mixed reception from players because of the weapon’s in-game performance or lack thereof, as numerous Reddit threads and posts have blasted its recoil pattern and bloom.

Many celebrated the Warforged AR’s removal from the loot pool. Numerous users on X replied with strong words of approval such as “LETS GO the Warforged was terrible anyway.” Others thanked Epic for answering their prayers.

However, not everybody was a fan of the change. Many combated the removal, including well-known leaker iFireMonkey who started the hashtag: “BringBackTheWarforged.”

“Best AR in the game is gone smh,” said one player in response to iFireMonkey’s despair.

In response to ShiinaBR’s post, one player explained, “Everyone that says it sucked is just admitting they couldn’t control the recoil lol.”

As with any weapon that gets vaulted, the move isn’t permanent. For example, Epic vaulted the Combat Assault Rifle in Chapter 3, yet it’s back and better than ever. It’s likely the Warforged will return in future seasons, but after some slight tweaks to make it a more viable weapon.

Aside from the weapon swap, the surprise hotfix also adjusted the Tow Hook Cannon’s various spawn rates in Battle Royale.