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Fortnite duo vs squads world record has been broken on mobile

Published: 25/Oct/2018 14:20

by Calum Patterson


Two French Fortnite players have broken the world record for duo vs squads on mobile, with an impressive 31 kills beating out the previous record of 28.

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The previous record, held by TheRealBnates and Spidspeed, had stood since May 15, but has now been taken over by three kills from the French duo of FataStar and KeaStarL.

It is still a long way off the duo vs squad records for PC and Console, which are currently 40 and 43 respectively, but given the added difficulty of mobile controls, is an impressive feat nonetheless.

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It is also a long way off the total record for kills on mobile, which sits at 41 in a four man squad game, with only two players going up against full squads, 31 is a mighty achievement.


The two players are members of the leading French mobile Fortnite team, ‘Star Team’, and are among some of the very best mobile players in the world.

Unfortunately there is not a full video of the match, but FataStar did provide evidence of the record via a short clip on Twitter.

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It is yet another French record holder to add to the list of records across console, PC and mobile, where French players feature numerous times, perhaps overachieving relative to their population.

You can see a full list of updated Fortnite Battle Royale world records here, with evidence. If you believe you have a world record, and can provide evidence, be sure to let us know.