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Fortnite drops cryptic hints at possible Aquaman crossover for Season 3

Published: 16/Jun/2020 1:31

by Bill Cooney


Epic Games followed up The Device event on June 15 by also dropping a number of teasers on social media that could point to an underwater theme, and maybe even an Aquaman crossover event coming in Chapter 2 Season 3.

The Device event happened just a few days before the start of Season 3 on June 17, and it gave fans plenty to talk about all on its own, but a few cryptic hints dropped by Epic afterward raise even more questions.

First, after the event ended, the official Fortnite Twitter revealed an image that didn’t look like much at first glance. That was, until content creators and influencers shared what Epic had sent them and we got a better look.


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Once we saw the full image, it became clear that this was part of a golden trident, which looks very similar to the one used by Aquaman in the recent DC movies.

Combined with the fact that that the Storm has now been turned into a massive tidal wave that players can swim through, and an Aquaman crossover event suddenly doesn’t seem too wild of an idea.

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Along with the potential for another superhero crossover, this aquatic theme from the event and the teaser images could mean some kind of underwater setting and theme could be coming with Season 3, when it arrives.


We’ve already seen a completely snow-covered map in Fortnite, so one that seems to be underwater, but where regular movement is still allowed, might not be out of the range of possibility.

Of course, it might not be that extreme, and Epic could just be adding more water to the map, maybe even splitting it up into separate islands.

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Yet another teaser was tweeter later on June 15, that appears to show a metallic asteroid/moon object covered in what looks like craters. While not aquatic itself, if you’ve watched Avatar you know that the moon does control the ocean’s tides.


While all this is very interesting, it still doesn’t confirm what exactly we’ll be seeing in Season 3. Leakers have suggested that the map will be getting covered in water. But until we find out officially from Epic themselves on June 17, be sure to stay as dry as possible, because things might be getting a little soggy soon.