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Fortnite devs respond to broken Chug Splashes as multiple bugs found

Published: 24/Jun/2020 10:34

by David Purcell


Chug Splashes have finally made their long-awaited return in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3, but it appears that players have been having problems with the shield-boosting item, and Epic have responded to the matter.

As players who regularly drop off the Battle Bus will know by now, Chug Splashes can be really handy for healing multiple teammates at once, as a single splash can catch more than one person and restore shields/health by 20.

That being said, their comeback has been somewhat marred, as an in-game bug has been rendering them pretty much useless since patch v13.00 went live.

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Fortnite Chug Splash issues confirmed

Fortnite Chug Splash item

Instead 0f dishing out the usual 20 HP splashes, some members of the community have been baffled to learn that they now only restore health or shields by one point per hit. Clearly, that’s never been the intention when they’ve been made active as part of the loot pool.

It’s also been known to not work at all when players are inside a bush or when a build is made a certain way, which are other issues that need resolving. Thankfully, though, after being flagged by Redditors a dev has ensured the team are looking into the problem.


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chug splashes acting kinda weird ? (giving only 1HP) from FortniteCompetitive

Replying to the post above, from user Nitehook_YT, dev EmptyTux said: “Sending this over to our QA team for investigation. If you run into this again /u/Nitehook_YT, please Submit Feedback using the in-game menu option and let me know. Thanks!”

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Another user posted: “Can’t use in a big bush. Can’t use on a build that’s underwater (i.e. throwing it on a stair or wall that’s partially underwater will not work).”

The issue has since been added to the official Fortnite Trello board to be monitored as a priority problem, and will likely be resolved in a future patch. When the fix actually comes, however, is not yet clear.