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Fortnite Firefly Jar: How to use and where to find it

Published: 24/Jun/2020 8:16

by Andrew Amos


The Firefly Jar was one of the most interesting additions to Fortnite in Season 3. The molotov-like item allows players to flush enemies out from specific areas, and gain control of certain areas of the map.

You can’t find a Firefly Jar on the ground ordinarily though. While it’ll drop from your enemies’ bodies if you kill them, and you can toss them from player to player, initially getting them isn’t that simple.

Instead, you’ll need to hunt down Fireflies dotted across the map, capture them in a jar, and then use them. If you are a bit unsure on where to find them though, here’s a quick guide.


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How to find the Firefly Jar in Fortnite

The Fireflies don’t spawn in any specific area of the map, per say. However, they do spawn in areas that aren’t as built up ⁠— so look towards the trees and the shores of the Fortnite island to find them.

From there, all you’ll need to do is ensure that you have some inventory space, and then interact with the fireflies to collect them. They’ll be caught into a jar, which you can then throw.

Firefly Jars stack in lots of three, so be wary of this when you are going around collecting them. You don’t want to end up with too many and then having to drop them to make space.


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How to use the Firefly Jar in Fortnite

The Firefly Jar acts like every other grenade-style item in Fortnite. All you have to do is equip it, and throw at opponents. It’ll then spread on an area on the ground, or scale up trees.

However, there’s definitely effective ways of doing it. It’s a brilliant tool for area denial, keeping enemies locked in place while you surround them, or forcing them to take cover in a disadvantageous position.

You do have to be mindful that the damage dealt from the Firefly Jar doesn’t discriminate. If you throw one, you won’t be immune to its damage when it spreads on the ground.


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The Firefly Jar is one of many new features added into Fortnite in Season 3. A whole new map, new cosmetics, and even new vehicles were introduced in the major update, which dropped on June 17.

The molotov isn’t the only item Epic added to Fortnite for players to use. The Charge Shotgun, a new Burst Assault Rifle, and a Shockwave Launcher was also added. The Chug Splash was also unvaulted.