Fortnite devs remove Chain of Hades after Doja Cat calls weapon “horrible and garbage”

Daniel Appleford
Fortnite Chain of Hades and Doja Cat

Epic Games seemingly removed the Chain of Hades from Fortnite after Doja Cat called those who used the weapon “horrible and garbage.”

On May 15, Fortnite revealed that they had removed the Chain of Hades due to an overpowered bug for the rest of the season. The Chain of Hades was one of the original mythology-themed mythic weapons added at the start of Chapter 5 of Season 2.

The weapon was designed to smack players around and pull them in for closer combat. Without a timer or reload mechanic, the Chain of Hades was considered one of the game’s more broken additions.

However, shortly after popular music artist Doja Cat tweeted about the weapon, which has now been deleted, Epic was quick to remove the Chain of Hades from Fortnite.

“If you’re horrible and garbage at Fortnite make sure you grab a Chain of Hades whip to pass the time. Dumb c****,” said Doja Cat. “If Fortnite knew what was good for them they’d get rid of the Chain of Hades.”

Fortnite Chains of Hades item cover
Fortnite Chain of Hades item cover

Fortnite players were impressed by Doja Cat’s ability to seemingly influence a company to remove a weapon from the game based on influence alone. Something that even the community was enamored with and expressed their admiration for.

“Look at what Doja Cat did for the Fortnite community.” said one person on X.

Doja Cat deleted both of her tweets about Fortnite shortly after they were posted and since then has not made any more references to Fortnite or the Chain of Hades.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is nearing its end, but despite that, Epic decided that the Chain of Hades was too powerful to remain in the game for another week. Chapter 5 Season 3 begins on May 24 which will usher in a new theme and set of items.

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