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Fortnite concept for how players could instantly try out new weapons and items in-game

Published: 7/Nov/2018 2:38

by Albert Petrosyan


A concept has been floating around Reddit that would allow players to immediately be able to try out new weapons and items added to Fortnite Battle Royale.

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There is always one predictable thing that happens every time anything new is added to the game – everyone jumps on the game to try it out.

However, that can prove to be a frustrating experience for two reasons – one: players have to get lucky that they find the item while looting, and two: since everyone has the same idea, it’s hard to actually find the item or weapon and then have the time and space to fully try it out. 


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While the smarter idea may be to queue into the Playground mode and try looking there, but even that can often take time and no one has control over which rarity or version of the new item could be found. 

However, this new concept on Reddit would dissolve those frustrations because it proposes that the free Vending Machines in the Playground mode be adjusted to feature any items or weapons that are new to the game.

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The free vending machines in playground should be changed to house new weapons so we can find them easier. (Heavy AR) from r/FortNiteBR

Not only would this proposal offer a consistent option for players who want to try out new weapons or items, it would also not require players to mine for resources to trade in at the Vending Machines.


If this concept were to be implemented, players would then know that they could just queue into Playground, go to where Vending Machines spawn 100% of the time, and instantly get one of the new weapons or items for free.

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They would then also be able to try it out for nearly a full hour, all in the low-pressure environment of Playground, where there is no fear of getting blindsided or third-partied by other players.