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Fan concept for new LTM in Fortnite is perfect for the competitive community

Published: 6/Nov/2018 23:01 Updated: 6/Nov/2018 23:06

by Wyatt Donigan


Despite the addition of in-game tournaments, Fortnite players are still looking for ways to scratch that competitive itch and this concept would be perfect.

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As the Fortnite meta continues to evolve on an almost weekly basis, many aren’t satisfied with the options currently available for competitive play.

Epic Games added tournaments to the game with the V6.10 update in October, but this new concept would be a completely different spin on competitive Fortnite.

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The concept was posted to Reddit by ‘realTheCrafter’ and would be a competitive take on the Playground mode that’s currently in the game already.


Whereas Playground has become a way for dedicated players to practice builds and other strategies on their own, this mode would be focused on getting battle training in a real setting.

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Rather than having a full lobby, the LTM would see just 30 people load into a lobby with the game starting right after the 3rd circle has closed. Players would also load in with a bevy of materials and a full loadout to get the fighting started immediately.

After going through what each player’s loadout would look like, realTheCrafter lists the many reasons why he thinks this mode would be perfect for those wanting a competitive fix.


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With many lamenting the current state of competitive Fortnite, whether it be due to heal-offs or camping in 1x1s, this mode could eliminate this by forcing players into the thick of battle without the need for the slower phases of the game.

Given that Epic just added two LTMs to the game in the form of Blitz and Team Terror, it’s unlikely this could be added anytime soon, but it’s nonetheless another example of the creativeness of the Fortnite community.