Fortnite community slams “sad” criticism of “plus-sized” skins

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite Plus Size skins

While the inclusion of what some are calling “plus-sized” skins to Fortnite has been met with widespread praise, the skins have also resulted in derision from some players.

Fortnite has added a variety of character skins that depict a wide range of body shapes and skin tones.

This provides players with different customization options, and in some cases, allows them to be better represented in-game. Unfortunately, some of the new skins released in the summer update have been met with mockery by some players in the community.

Many others in the Fortnite community, however, have slammed the criticism, contending that the move promotes body positivity, self-acceptance, and inclusiveness.

Drama around “Plus-sized” skins in Fortnite

During the Summer Escape event in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, Epic Games released the Opal skin. In the past, characters like Kyle, Penny and Brutus have been examples of larger Fortnite skins that the player base loved.

However, with the release of Opal, some have shared harsh responses to it on social media. In response, many Fortnite players rose up and slammed the critics for not recognizing the importance of such initiatives by the game.

One such player started a Twitter thread stating, “The fact that this skin has caused so much drama in the Fortnite community is so sad.”

Another replied to the thread, arguing, “I think it’s cool they’re are adding different character proportions and body types. Fortnite W”. A third added, “If they didn’t like plus sized skins, why do they like skins like Kyle, or Penny?”

However, one user explained they simply don’t like the skin due to its design. “I just find the skin unappealing to me. People hating the skin for being plus sized is so silly though.”

It’s clear that most players are embracing and celebrating Fortnite’s new skins, promoting a more tolerant and inclusive community.