Fortnite weapon trick turns Balloons & Flare Gun into deadly combo

fortnite flare gunEpic Games

A Fortnite player unveiled their balloons and flare gun tactic, a deadly gameplay combo that looks risky and fun.

Balloons in Fortnite represent more than just party decorations. Players who have them equipped can jump from taller heights and completely negate fall damage upon landing.

Introduced during Fortnite Chapter 2, the flare gun’s long-range reach makes it perfect for chipping away at an enemy’s health from afar. The fire damage the consumable deals constitutes an added bonus.

But what happens when a player combines the battle royale’s balloon and flare gun tools? Chaos ensues for all involved.

This balloon and flare gun tactic makes for great Fortnite fun

A gameplay clip from Reddit user Stocazzo2005 showcases the kinds of trouble players can get into by using a flare gun while airborne.

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While falling with style thanks to a few balloons, the Redditor pulls out their flare gun for a couple of quick shots.

The firey blasts connect, for the most part, and set the ground ablaze in the process. However, Stocazzo2005’s ground-based enemy shoots out two of their balloons, resulting in the crafty player dying in their own blaze of glory.

At least spreading flames also managed to consume the sharpshooting enemy combatant.

As several users pointed out in the Reddit thread, this Fortnite balloon and flare gun combo was risky business that ultimately didn’t work in Stocazzo2005’s favor.

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It looks like they were having a good time, though, which is all that matters at the end of the day. Had their aim proved a little more accurate, it’s safe to say no one on the ground would’ve stood a chance.