Fortnite $250k DreamHack November Open: final placements and results

Brad Norton
DreamHack / Epic Games

The fifth monthly DreamHack Open Fortnite competition is upon us as a whopping $250,000 is on the line across Europe and North America. We’ve got you covered with everything there is to know about the latest tournament.

For the fifth month in a row, Fortnite players are being treated to another huge online competition. The DreamHack Open events boast some of the biggest prize pools around the globe and November’s iteration is no different.

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$250,000 is divided across NA West, NA East, and Europe as talent from the three major regions fight for the top spots. All of the biggest names in the scene are lined up for the action as everyone from benjyfishy to MrSavage are dropping in.

It’s a lengthy process to make it into the finals but in the end, only six lobbies matter as Duos look to place in the money. Here’s everything there is to know about the DreamHack November Open.

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European DreamHack Open final standings

Fortnite gameplayEpic Games
Europe’s best Duos kicked off the Grand Finals on November 8.

European talent had their moment in the spotlight first up in the month of November. A whole week ahead of NA East and a fortnight ahead of NA West, Europe’s finest battled it out for $82,550 USD.

Many familiar named dropped into the Grand Finals, though a newly formed Duo closed out the win. German player ‘Vadeal’ and Switzerland’s own ‘Noahreyli’ took a commanding lead in the November event. Not only did they finish in first place, but they did so with an enormous 48 point gap over the second-best team.

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The popular Duo of MrSavage and benjyfishy finished in third place as one of just three teams to put up over 300 points. The disparity even among teams in the top 10 was astounding. Below is a look at the top Duos across Europe in November.

Placement Players Points Prize
1st OVA Noahreyli & Wave Vadeal 352 $16,000
2nd Grizi BadSnipR & TT9 KURA 74 304 $8,000
3rd 100T MrSavage & NRG benjyfishy 303 $7,400
4th GXR teeq & Spectrum Setty 262 $6,700
5th GXR Milan & chapix 74 249 $6,100
6th Gamma Kami & OTW packo 239 $5,400
7th slide zeykoo  wk & Spectrum Kyzen 205 $5,000
8th Gamma Merjin & jaspaay 204 $4,600
9th Grizi Snayzy & R0babzr 197 $4,100

November DreamHack Open format

Fortnite DreamHack OpenDreamHack
A look at how the DreamHack Open unfolds each month.

While previous months focused on Solo competition, November is entirely focused on Duos. It all kicked off with two open qualifiers early in the month. From this stage, 500 Duos made their mark and punched their tickets for the next stage.

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That number was soon dwindled down, however. Only 50 teams could advance through the Semis and into the Grand Finals. After three hours and a maximum of 10 lobbies, those 50 Duos were all locked in.

The Grand Final itself drops all 50 Duos into six consecutive lobbies. Bucking the ordinary point system, eliminations in this Open are worth five points each. Finishing in the top spot awards 55 points, while placements all the way down to the 25th spot still awards a little bonus.

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