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FaZe Tfue hits back at cheating accusations in World Cup qualifiers

Published: 5/May/2019 10:15 Updated: 5/May/2019 10:24

by Marcus Banks


FaZe Clan star Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney pulled no punches after he was alleged to have cheated during a World Cup qualifier by a player who was banned for the same offence.

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As we enter week four of qualifiers for the largest esport tournament in history, Epic Games were forced to issue a statement surrounding the controversy where it appeared a professional player was being handed free kills, meaning free points, enabling him to secure a spot at the solo tournament in New York.

After reviewing the evidence, the developers decided to hand the player a 14-day ban and revoked his qualification spot – now, Tfue has been accused of doing the exact same thing during his games with duo partner FaZe Cloak.


EPIC GAMESTwo players were banned for cheating during week three of the World Cup qualifiers.
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Tfue accused of cheating in the World Cup qualifier

While landing at The Block, Tfue managed to pick up a weapon and quickly eliminate a defenseless opponent, leading to suggestions on Twitter from the player accused of feeding kills in the solo event, that Tfue should face similar consequences.

However, the FaZe pro stated that he had over 100,000 viewers on Twitch at the time – making it impossible to hide any blatant cheating – and that no one was watching the banned player during the stream where he cheated.

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The 21-year-old wasn’t finished yet as he continued his series of tweets against the player who accused him of gaining an unfair advantage.


Tfue tweeted out that while a 14-day ban would keep the player out of action for a while, he still wouldn’t qualify anyway because “he sucks”.

Many pro players have pledged their support to Tfue, but the player who accused him has seemingly taken the tirade of abuse heading his way as a positive, advertising his Twitch channel stating Tfue has “started a Twitch career for him”.

Nevertheless, for Tfue, it’s back to business and securing another qualification spot at the World Cup duo event alongside his long-term teammate.