FaZe Tfue got taken out by a kid in Fortnite, and his reaction is priceless - Dexerto

FaZe Tfue got taken out by a kid in Fortnite, and his reaction is priceless

Published: 14/Oct/2018 0:52 Updated: 14/Oct/2018 3:53

by Virginia Glaze


FaZe Tfue showed his audience a Twitch clip that featured one of his recent deaths, where he was taken out by a young player named ‘SanthroTV’ and his posse.

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He warned viewers to lower their volume in preparation for the clip – which is good advice to take, as the child’s voice is incredibly high and piercing. In fact, Tfue could already hear the clip through his teammate’s headphones, who inspired him to play the video during one of his broadcasts.

“Turn your volume down,” Tfue said. “Beware, because I already know this is gonna be cringe. …this is who we die to constantly.”


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The clip shows the child in question dropping into the map, after which he recognized Tfue and was promptly knocked down by the pro.

However, one of the kid’s teammates managed to take him out – much to their elation.

“We killed Tfue!” the child screamed over and over again, his voice squeaking.

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Tfue appeared to be exasperated at the young player’s enthusiasm. “Alright, well,” he commented, shaking his head and checking his phone before hopping back into a game.

“So, how’s your day going, man?” Tfue’s teammate asked after the clip played, laughing.


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This hilarious moment follows Tfue’s Week 4 win in the Fortnite Fall Skirmish, where he took first place, earning a whopping $37,500 and 170 team points for the Rift Raiders.

While Tfue may be a famous Fortnite professional, it looks as though even the pros can be taken out by overly enthusiastic stream snipers.