FaZe Mongraal robbed of FNCS qualification after disconnecting at worst possible time

Joe Craven
Mongraal FNCS

FaZe Clan’s Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson was left frustrated and disappointed after a poorly timed Fortnite disconnection saw him miss out on FNCS Qualification by 1 point. 

Mongraal’s Fortnite talents have seen the 16-year-old British pro become one of Twitch’s most-followed creators. He currently boasts upwards of 4 million followers, with fans regularly tuning in to see him compete at the highest level of competitive Fortnite.

That was exactly what was happening on February 19, as Mongraal and his trio sought to progress in Fortnite’s Champion Series. However, as the game approached its climax and final circles, an unfortunate disconnect ruined Mongraal and his trio’s qualification attempts.

Mongraal is one of the most talented Fortnite players in the world, despite being just 16 years of age.

The FaZe Clan pro was boxed up with teammate Quinten, as the pair looked to secure a decent finish in spite of Mitr0’s early demise.

There were 45 players left in the game when, inexplicably, Mongraal was hit with a swift disconnect. At the time of the disconnect, his trio were just 3 points shy of qualification to the next stage of the FNCS.

“I just got disconnected, no! It’s over,” he exclaimed after being sent back to the pre-game lobby. “I just got disconnected. Continue [playing] – oh my god. No, no, this game doesn’t want us to qualify.”

What made the disconnect even more frustrating was that Mongraal, Mitr0 and Quinten would go on to miss out on qualification by 1 point, meaning that if Mongraal had managed to play the game to completion, qualification would have been basically guaranteed.

Mongraal’s teammate, Quinten, vented his anger on Twitter, explaining that they needed one more team to die to guarantee qualification. “135 points going into last game, we need top 15 to qualify,” he said. “When we are top 16 Mongraal gets disconnected and I drop 500 below surge and die I never wanna play this game again”.

His frustrations are certainly understandable but, knowing the talent he, Mongraal and Mitr0 possess, they’ll be back competing at the top of the FNCS soon.

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