Fortnite exploit allows players to complete Season 5 challenge easily

Tanner Pierce
Epic Games

A player on Reddit has discovered a brand-new Fortnite exploit is allowing players to complete one of the more annoying Week 12 Legendary Challenges without doing really any of the work and needless to say it pretty much breaks the challenge.

Every single week, Fortnite players get a brand-new batch of challenges, now called Quests, to complete in order to earn some battle pass XP. Given the fact that it’s easily the fastest way to level-up your pass, players generally flock to the quests and get them done quickly.

Now, one fan has discovered an interesting exploit/bug with one of the new Legendary challenges, and it allows you to break the rules a bit.

The challenge itself is a bit difficult: you have hit/damage an enemy within 10 seconds of using the Zero Point dashing. It’s definitely annoying considering the fact that the dash crystals only spawn in one area, and while it’s not extremely difficult to find enemies, if no one decides to drop there, you could be out of luck.

Over on Reddit, however, one player noticed that the challenge is horribly bugged. If you go to the center of the map, wait for the storm to come over you, then activate the dash crystal and spam the jump button, you’ll be able to complete the whole challenge in less than 10 seconds.

Epic Games
Dashing while taking damage in the storm easily completes the Week 12 challenge.

Needless to say, this is a pretty major bug and it wouldn’t be shocking if Epic fixes it as soon as possible. That being said, it’s hard not to imagine that some people have completed the challenge this way by pure accident. It’s very simple to do and a lot of people use the dash crystals to get out of the storm in a pinch, so it’s 100% possible.

As for why this bug is occurring, no one has any idea, especially considering the fact that the challenge specifies an enemy, so it’s not like it’s a potential oversight on Epic’s part. Regardless, it still works and it allows you to nab an easy 55K XP within mere seconds.