FaZe Clan’s Tfue Shows How to Use New Bouncer Trap in Fortnite To Pull Off Epic Victory

Calum Patterson

FaZe Clan Fortnite player Turner “Tfue” Tenney put the new Bouncer trap to good use to win a 1v1 victory royale like we have never seen before.

Since joining FaZe earlier this year, and impressing in the weekly Friday Fortnite tournaments, Tfue has become recognized as one of the top players.

His building is, as expected from a pro player, exceptional, but it is often his innovative use of weapons, traps and items that sets him apart from other top players.

And with the developers of Fortnite adding new game-changing items every week, Tfue is one of the first to come up with creative methods to impress his viewers on Twitch.

The most recent addition, a new kind if trap called the ‘Bouncer’ performs similarly to the hop rocks or jetpacks previously added, launching players into the air like an extended jump.

And as Tfue shows, combined with some expertly placed spike traps this new Bouncer can be lethal for an unsuspecting enemy.

Building up a house of traps, Tfue baits in his final opponent in the match, who is immediately launched into the jaws of the spikes.

Tfue recently placed fourth in KEEMSTAR’s most recent Friday Fortnite tournament, failing to take the top spot as he had done the week previously, with partner Cloak, another FaZe member.

But he looks to have quickly become an expert with the new bounce trap, which might just give him an edge in the week’s fifth iteration.

He also demonstrated another way to use the bouncer in combination with a launch pad, to get an even higher launch.

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