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How to avoid taking damage from wall, floor, and ceiling Traps in Fortnite

Published: 19/Oct/2018 20:29

by Albert Petrosyan


Since the release of Fortnite Battle Royale, Damage Traps have always played an integral role in players’ strategies against enemy players.

Carrying 150 health points worth of damage, and able to be placed on walls, floors, and ceilings, Traps are an item that players always look to pick up during matches.

However, there are techniques and tricks players can use to avoid taking damage from Traps and bypass them, which can provide useful when trying to sneak up on an unsuspecting opponent.

YouTuber and Reddit user ‘ImSpeedyGonzalez,’ who is known for his Fortnite instructional videos, has released a tutorial on all the ways that player can prevent themselves from getting hit by Traps.

The tutorial discusses Traps placed in all three angles. For Wall Traps placed in a 1×1 structure, one way players can avoid taking damage is by running tightly alongside the wall opposite to the one the Trap is placed on, where the spikes will not be able to reach the player.

Building staircases is another really effective way to avoid taking damage from any angle; all players need to make sure is that their stairs are rotated in a way that would block them from direct exposure to the face of the trap. 

Placing a door and then opening it against the face of a Trap can also be a good method because the mechanic of the door opening confuses the Trap into not activating.

If players find their path blocked by a Floor Trap, and have no materials to build above it, one way to avoid the deadly spikes is to walk on the very edge of the item, where the frame is located. 

This area is not exposed to the Trap’s sensors, and even if the spikes were to activate, they would still not present any danger. 

ImSpeedyGonzalez’s full tutorial on how to avoid taking damage from Traps placed on any angle can be seen in its entirety down below:


Fortnite dev hints G.I Joe Snake Eyes collaboration could be in the works

Published: 26/Oct/2020 6:38 Updated: 26/Oct/2020 7:02

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Fortnite developer Donald Mustard hid some clues towards future content in the background of his zoom call today and a conveniently-placed G.I Joe figurine has convinced some players a collaboration could be on the cards.

Fortnite is no stranger to collaboration and innovation. It’s a game that knows no bounds and has collided with other characters and universes including Batman, John Wick, Marvel, and Star Wars.

Donald Mustard, the Creative Director at Epic Games, has been busy dropping hints towards future content in recent weeks. In an interview on Marvel’s ‘This Week In Marvel’ podcast, he let it slip that Fortnite and Marvel would be crossing paths time and time again.

However, it seems like that isn’t all he’s got planned. Earlier today, he took part in a zoom interview with video-game journalist Geoff Keighley and dropped some hints towards future content in a creative way.

Donald Mustard scattered clues around his room

Donald Mustard used a webcam during the Zoom call. Naturally, that means viewers could see the room he was in. However, instead of covering things up left, right, and center, he embraced it and decided to play a game — the madman scattered clues hinting towards future content around the room.

“That was SO fun and SO inspiring!” he said. “Super cool to hang out with a bunch of awesome people who all LOVE the art of games! Trying to count how many clues to future stuff I’ve hidden into the background of my ‘wfh’ space…” he added.

Fortnite players were quick to pounce and look for clues. There were lots of bits and pieces in the shot, including a couch, a desk, an exercise bike, and paintings on the wall.

However, one item stood head and shoulders above the rest. It’s gained traction on social media and convinced many Fortnite might cross paths with another popular American hero, G.I Joe.

There’s a lot of stuff hidden in the background, including a poster to Star Trek: Into Darkness. However, only one thing sticks out like a sore thumb; a boxed figure of ‘Snake Eyes’ from revived franchise G.I Joe.

Fortnite G.I Joe Snake Eyes
Donald Mustard / Jtneagle
Reddit user /u/Jtneagle points out the G.I Joe Snake Eyes clue with a red arrow.

Snake Eyes is an important member of the G.I Joe Team. He’s also one of the most popular characters in the story and has been involved in the story behind every G.I Joe movie and series.

Interestingly, a spin-off film dedicated entirely to him called ‘Snake Eyes’ is reportedly on the cards for production in 2021. If anything, it makes a potential Fortnite and G.I Joe collaboration all-the-more believable.

GI Joe hero Snake Eyes could be set to join the Fortnite roster in a future season.
Paramount Pictures
GI Joe hero Snake Eyes could be set to join the Fortnite roster in a future season.

However, not everyone is convinced. Some players hope and believe Fortnite will cross paths with Star Trek instead.

It’s also possible that both of them will come into play at separate points in time. After all, Donald Mustard himself multiple clues were hidden in the background.

Either way, the hype is real, and players can’t wait to see what’s happening next in Fortnite. And, while we wait, there’s still plenty of Marvel content to enjoy too.