FaZe Clan’s Cizzorz has made a new Fortnite ‘Death Maze’ that looks impossible to solve

Albert Petrosyan

FaZe Clan YouTuber and Fortnite Battle Royale mastermind Cizzorz is back at it again with another challenge map that looks impossible to complete.

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Notorious for making incredibly difficult obstacle courses in Fortnite’s Creative Mode, Cizzorz’s latest creation is a called “Death Maze” and it looks as painful as the name would suggest. 

The maze features five full levels of doors leading to nowhere, deadly traps in the most unexpected places, dead end after dead end, with just a single patch to victory among all of the distractions.

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What’s most crazy about this new Death Maze is that it may not even be fully completed yet. Cizzorz has not yet officially revealed his newest creation and the only glimpse that fans have gotten of it is via a video posted by popular streamer CouRage.

Being the good friends that they are, Cizzorz gave CouRage the honor of being the first ever person to try the new Death Maze, and his stressful journey was perfectly documented in the video below. 

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Seeing as how this map isn’t even public yet, the door is very much wide open for Cizzorz to further expand upon the already existing levels of the maze.

Considering how his previous two popular creations, DeathRun 1.0 and 2.0, both had over 10 levels of action, it’s still a strong possibility that the Death Maze could follow suit. 

CouRage has a notorious history for losing his mind whenever trying to complete any of Cizzorz Creative Mode monstrosities.
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Speaking of the DeathRun 2.0, Cizzors is currently holding a competition to determine who can complete the obstacle course the fastest, with a $5,000 prize pool set to be split between the three fastest players.

Whether or not he will do something similar for his new Death Maze remains to be seen, and those who do want to try his newest course will want to keep an eye on his Twitter @Cizzorz for when he does publish the access code.