Fans call for streamer to be banned for stream sniping Ninja during Fortnite Winter Royale qualifier - Dexerto

Fans call for streamer to be banned for stream sniping Ninja during Fortnite Winter Royale qualifier

Published: 26/Nov/2018 13:28 Updated: 26/Nov/2018 13:37

by Matt Porter


Fortnite fans are calling for streamer PLP_JSaturn0 to be disqualified from the Fortnite Winter Royale after a clip taken from his Sunday, November 25 stream suggested he may have been stream sniping Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

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Both Ninja and JSaturn0 were competing in the qualifiers for the Fortnite Winter Royale, where European and North American players were ranked based on performances in a special tournament playlist. The Top 200 from each continent would progress to the Winter Royale Finals.

During his stream, JSaturn0 was sitting inside a structure he had constructed at Greasy Grove, when he suddenly edited a window into one of his walls, and began firing at a wall, shouting “Ninja! Ninja!” as he did it.


Fortnite fans questioned how JSaturn0 knew a player was there, and how he knew that the player behind the wall was Ninja, even though it didn’t appear to show his name on screen. This led fans to believe that JSaturn0 likely had Ninja’s stream on in the background, and realized the two were close while watching his opponent’s gameplay.

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Blevins proceeded to watch the sequence back from JSaturn0’s perspective using Fortnite’s Replay mode.

Ninja refrained from accusing his opponent of stream sniping, instead choosing to watch quietly until the end, where he stated: “He had to have seen me. He’s looking through it right now. I think he sees me break in through the wall, and then he edits down, opens the wall and starts shooting.”


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Ninja was involved in a stream sniper controversy earlier in November when he reported a player who he believed to be stream sniping him, which turned out to be false. 

Epic Games have yet to comment on the clip or on the possibility that JSaturn0 could be disqualified from the tournament, however, if the developers are able to prove that this was the case, it’s likely he will be removed from the competition for breaking the Fortnite Code of Conduct.