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Tfue, NateHill, SypherPK and more react to missing out on $1 million Fortnite Winter Royale

Published: 26/Nov/2018 10:21 Updated: 26/Nov/2018 10:27

by Matt Porter


The qualifying for the Fortnite Winter Royale is now complete, with 200 players from North America and Europe securing their place in their respective continent’s grand finals.

The competition’s open format meant that any player who fancied their chances in the qualifiers could compete, and attempt to bring home a share of the massive prize pool.

Unlike previous invitational Fortnite esports tournaments, professional players and popular streamers had to qualify like everyone else, and when the dust settled on two days worth of intense gameplay, a lot of big names found themselves outside of the qualifying pool.

One of the biggest shocks during the qualifying portion of the tournament was seeing FaZe Clan’s Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney place outside of the Top 200. Tfue sits at the top of the highest earning Fortnite players list, but won’t be able to add to that during the Winter Royale, harshly labelling himself as “trash.”

Tenney’s teammate Nate Hill also failed to qualify for the North American finals, expressing his disappointment in the current state of the game by tweeting out that Fortnite is: “Not the game I fell in love with.”

100 Thieves streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff missed out on the top 200. Kolcheff, who is well known amongst Fortnite fans for using a controller, didn’t qualify but congratulated everyone who had it made it, and wished them luck in the next round. 

Sypher ‘SypherPK’ Ali finished the day on 28 points, just missing out on qualification. The Luminosity player was happy with his performance, tweeting: “Didn’t qualify but I’ve become a much better Fortnite player and had a good time. Definitely some work to be done to make it more enjoyable, but overall I had a great time.”

There was good news for Team SoloMid player Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani, who finished in 127th place after revealing he suffered from performance anxiety. “Qualifying means a lot more than just being able to compete for a million dollars,” tweeted Myth. “My confidence has definitely been boosted tonight.”


Did The Rock just tease he’s getting a Fortnite skin?

Published: 27/Nov/2020 18:09

by Tanner Pierce


After an appearance by a very cartoony-looking float during the Macy’s Thanksgivings Day Parade, The Rock hinted that he may end up getting a skin in the popular battle royale game Fortnite, although he’s being a bit vague. 

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade floats are known their pop culture references. Between Pikachu, Goku, and others making appearances, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that one based on the popular young Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson meme a few years back would make its way into the 2020 version of the parade.

Seemingly because it’s a float, the giant balloon itself seems to be a cartoon representation of the meme, rather than a hyper-realistic one. After one person seemed to point out that it looks a bit like a Fortnite skin, the former wrestler now actor responded in a way that’s raising a few eyebrows.

In response to the comment about his float looking like a Fortnite character, The Rock simply responded with “way ahead of you” and “great minds”. This obviously caused a few people to pause and ask themselves if he just hinted at a Fortnite skin.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any official comment from Epic but the comment is certainly suspicious. While one could make the argument that The Rock was saying that he also had the same thought before the original tweeter, the wink face emoji seen after the tweet is a bit peculiar. Surely he would know not to put that kind of statement out with that emoji unless he meant to hint at it, right?

It’s also a bit odd that he also responded to someone who tweeted that they “shouldn’t give them any ideas”, meaning he could have been totally knowledgable in what he’s doing.

His inclusion in the game also wouldn’t be surprising. Fortnite is known for its crossovers at this point, even allowing for some Icon Series skins based on celebrities like Ninja and others. It could also be a part of a larger WWE crossover, considering there’s a plethora of characters there to make skins out of.

Still, until nothing official is announced, take this with a massive grain of salt. Here’s hoping that if it is real that it will get announced soon, however.