Every rare Fortnite cosmetic item that hasn’t appeared in the Item Shop for over 100 days [UPDATED]

Albert Petrosyan

Cosmetic items are a huge aspect of Fortnite Battle Royale and there are some that are more rare and have appeared in the Item Shop a lot less frequently than others. 

There is no set metric for rarity of cosmetic items as some the definition of the concept can vary from player to player. 

Some determine rarity by the number of times it’s been in the Item Shop, while others go by how long it’s been until the item last appeared in the Shop. 

With that in mind, Reddit user ‘-_General_Grievous_-‘ has updated his online graphic on January 30 that shows the new list of outfit skins, emotes, gliders, and pickaxes that have not appeared in the Item Shop for over a 100 days.

There is currently a total of 61 cosmetics that meet this requirement, including 26 outfit skins, 17 emotes, 10 gliders, and 11 pickaxes. These numbers and lists are subject to change at anytime if one of these items appears in the Item Shop again. 

Reddit u/-_General_Grievous_-

According to the graphic, the rarest cosmetics in terms of time spent outside of the Shop are the Recon Expert skin (445 days), Red Card emote (196 days), Modem glider (282 days), and Pot O’ Gold pickaxe (296 days).

There were two cosmetic items, the Blaze and Solid Strider gliders, which were on this list last week but were taken out due to appearing in the Item Shop.

The Dark Shard pickaxe and Midnight Ops outfit skin are both close to becoming eligible for this list and will likely be included in next week’s version unless they feature in the Shop before then. 

Despite popular belief, the Ghoul Trooper is not the rarest outfit skin in terms of how long its not appeared in the Item Shop.

It’s important to note that the cosmetics shown here only include ones that have featured in the Shop at some point, so excluding all the ones from the Season 1 pass or the Season 2-7 Battle Passes. 

Bundles are also excluded for the purposes of this list since the individual cosmetic items technically cannot be purchased on their own. 

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