Fortnite World Cup runner-up Psalm reacts to losing half his money to tax

Unsplash: Sam Trotman/CLG Psalm/Epic Games

After his second place finish in the Fortnite World Cup Solo tournament, Harrison ‘Psalm’ Chang, has experienced something of a whirlwind few weeks. However, he kept his true emotions close to his chest when discussing how much his prize money will be taxed.

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Psalm finished in second place in July’s Fortnite World Cup, coming in with a very respectable 33 points after six matches. While this was 26 points of shy of the tournament winner, Kyle ‘Bugha‘ Giersdorf, it was enough to secure the 24-year-old $1.8million. 

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During an appearance on Fox’s Business Network, Psalm was asked what he would do with his substantial earnings, before being comically reminded of how much he is to be taxed, having won in New York City; a city with some of the highest tax rates in the world.

Epic GamesBugha won the World Cup by an incredible 26 points.
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“I’ll probably buy some kind of house,” he started, after being asked what he is going to do with his winnings. “Some kind of house, hope it raises in value. I don’t know, I’m still figuring it out.” 

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The hosts of Fox’s Business Network were very quick to remind Psalm of the insane tax obligations in New York, meaning he will lose at least half of his $1.8 million winnings – if not more. 

However, Psalm was tight-lipped in his response, stating that: “I love America. Erm, but sometimes it can be tough.”

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The restrained response received chuckles from the show’s hosts, as they clearly felt he was hiding some level of frustration with the taxation rates in New York. 

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To lose nearly a million dollars to tax would be a frustration for anyone, but given the fact that he still gets roughly $900,000, and all from playing Fortnite, it’s fair to say we’re still pretty jealous of the American. 

New York has very high tax rates, even by US standards.
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Psalm is currently signed to Counter Logic Gaming, who are generally best known for their success in League of Legends. 

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However, their reputation in Fortnite is impressive (and growing), mainly thanks to Psalm’s incredible finish at July’s World Cup. 

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