Helldivers 2’s Patriot Exosuit is riddled with issues & the community is fed up

Daniel Appleford
Helldivers 2 Patriot Exosuit

The Patriot Exosuit from Helldivers 2 has been malfunctioning since the game’s inception, and many community members are now asking for a solution. 

With significant issues affecting aiming down sights, firing rockets, and more, some members of the Helldivers 2 community have begun to question the usefulness of the mech. The Exosuit’s rockets consistently miss their targets, often veering off course, which can significantly impact gameplay.

One commenter claimed that they had figured out how to aim with the Exosuit properly, explaining that the mech will fire a fixed distance away from the reticle or the distance from the rocket pod to the center of the mech. Although the lack of ability to aim down still does little for the offensive approach. 

The targeting issues have been attributed to a lack of proper sight of the Exosuit, which makes firing at any range challenging. This is especially noticeable when trying to combat a Charger, which — despite the intended purpose of the Exosuit — takes 4 to 5 shots to eliminate. 

helldivers 2 vehicle
Helldivers 2 Exosuit on the battlefield.

The developers of Helldivers 2 attempted to fix some of the Exosuit’s issues by patching the bot rocket damage and self-destruction missile pod bug. However, this seemed to make the problem worse. 

“Somehow the explosives fix for the bots ended up gutting the missile damage for the mech, and even with Chargers no longer one-shotting the mech, they’re still a death sentence because it doesn’t matter that you survive the first hit when you literally can’t aim down enough to put a rocket in them so they don’t just smack you again,” complained one commenter on Reddit. 

Helldivers 2 has previously had issues with adding and buffing new weapons, only to abandon these additions. This puts the Exosuit in a limbo state, with many people not opting to run it at all anymore.

“If there was just ANY way to restock it, it would be great, but for now, it’s just a lost stratagem slot for 90% of the game. The only genuine use of it is to quickly destroy shrieker nests, but even then, a recoilless team can do it just as fast, then restock and continue being useful for the next ten whole a** minutes,” said another user

As of now, the Exosuit in Helldivers 2 remains a clunky addition to gameplay with little use, thanks to its inability to properly take aim or do damage. This has led to many members of the community leaving it behind altogether.

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