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Epic Games removes bundles from Item Shop amidst pending error investigation

Published: 25/Nov/2018 19:53 Updated: 25/Nov/2018 20:31

by Virginia Glaze


Fortnite developers Epic Games have removed cosmetic bundles from the game’s Item Shop entirely, due to an error reported early on November 25.

While the Wukong and Rex cosmetic bundles had already been made available for purchase, some players got an early glimpse of the upcoming Highland Warrior bundle in the Item Shop – however, according to Epic developer MrPopoTFS, this was actually an error.

MrPopoTFS explained the incident in a Reddit post shortly after the bundle went live, claiming that its availability was an accident, and that the team would be removing all bundles from the Shop in an effort to fix the glitch.


“We’ve removed bundles currently while we investigate an error associated with them,” MrPopo wrote. “Hotfixes sometimes take a little longer for all servers to receive them, so some players may have seen the bundle version of the store for a short time.”


Fortnite’s bundles contain a collection of cosmetics for players to express themselves in-game, including such resources as a pickaxe, glider, and a skin altogether for a lower price (as opposed to buying each item individually).

The now-removed Highland Warrior bundle contained the female Highland Warrior Skin (Epic), the Buckler Back Bling (Epic), the Silver Fang Pickaxe (Rare), and the Storm Sigil Glider (Uncommon). You can check out pics of the goodies below:


Highland Warrior Skin (Epic)

Buckler Back Bling (Epic)

Silver Fang Pickaxe (Rare)

Storm Sigil Glider (Uncommon)

While Epic have yet to place bundles back in the Shop, fans can expect them to go live again once the hotfix has been implemented across Fortnite’s servers. 

Until then, players will have to wait – but you can take our Fortnite Location Quiz to test your game knowledge, in the interim.